Easy Stone Setting and other Jewelry Design Ideas To Try plus Great Jewelry Designers/Websites To Learn From

 I have recently bought a lot of loose faceted natural gemstones, all great clarity and color, and while I was in awe admiring them it dawned to me that I have never set stones before ( gasp! ) so I started looking up online easy stone setting methods for beginners, like me. And there it is, click on it...

Something like this looks easy and professional, of course you have to measure the stones first. I could try to make my own, perhaps I will one day, but for this price is it worth the time? And how do I place this text in the middle of the two pictures above, anyone knows?!? Ughhh....forget it. This blogging thing is Chinese to me.

I have to bookmark this shop on Ebay, good prices and free shipping over $50

And, you know how you start looking up something and end up in a totally different place? Well, this is exactly what happened today, but instead of getting trapped for hours in some useless internet black hole like I usually do, I have actually discovered very useful and inspiring stuff ( huh! ) so I have decided to put it on my blog, this way I'll see it later and use it for a change.

Here's a website with many useful jewelry tips to learn from and lots of inspiration, it's called Kernowcraft. 

Perhaps I should let them know that I wrote about them..? 

Another good one to get inspired from is Twistonline and they have featured one of my all time favorite jewelry designers, her name is GRAINNE MORTON  
 feast your eyes, her work is amazing! 

 Two more jewelry designers that totally blew my mind: 

 Melissa Joy Manning

Brandon Holschuh
I have a huge crush on his work, so organic looking... just perfect!

What have I been working on?? Oh gosh, I thought you'd never ask lol! Well....I made a bunch of rustic components for a custom order that I totally messed up because I got sick and couldn't finish it on time, but the lady I was making them for is super awesome and understood so is all good. I'll probably list on Etsy most of them, here they are:

these already sold! :)


Laura xo


  1. Happy New Year, Laura! Thanks for sharing all those links, BTW I have seen in a video that some use wooden popsicle sticks to press the prongs with. Some inspiring work by your favorite jewelry designers! And I love your aged components and items a lot!

    1. Thank you, Happy New Year to you too, Rozantia! Wooden popsicle sticks, huh? Sounds like a good idea! I have to start watching videos on how to set stones, I have no idea how to do this...:)) I am so happy that you enjoyed it, thanks for visiting my blog! xo

  2. Happy New Year,Laura! Beautiful rustic components, like always!
    I hope you feel better now.

    1. Happy New Year, Solange!! Feeling much better, thank you! How are you? I'm glad that you like them, can't wait to see what you're working on! A new blog post soon, perhaps? :) I always enjoy seeing new pieces from you! xo

  3. Such interesting rustic jewelry!!
    Hi Laura, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting today! Wishing you a creative and inspiring year!! How wonderful it must be to create jewelry!
    Take care, Judy xo

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you so much for stopping by, I really enjoyed your blog!

      Stay inspired! xo

  4. Dear Laura, check out this video about stone setting findings :) https://youtu.be/FSKZxqq4FV8

    1. That's awesome, it looks so easy!! :) Thank you so much, my friend! xo

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Laura ... what gorgeous designs you have! so rustic and boho ... right up my alley - LOVE them

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed your blog and loved your creations! :)

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