Cookie Points Up There...

I love spending time outdoors with my little bugs...

...what I don't love is seeing all the garbage people leave behind sometimes. As I'm walking my dogs I can't help noticing plastic bags, candy wrappers, an empty soda can...Pick it up! says a voice in my head...No way, gross! Why should I pick up somebody else's garbage?! 

An old book from an antique store in Wisconsin, loved the cover...If it looked like this, I'd be garbage hunting all day. But it doesn't...

I remember when Mikey and I used to go fishing and I used to pick up the empty beer cans, the fishing line and whatever else was left behind by other fishermen. It really bothers me. I can't enjoy nature with all that stuff lying around. And something else...Cookie points, remember?

A friend of mine loves birds. He talks to them and always has a cracker or some seeds for them...Why are you always feeding the birds? I asked. I like them... he said...besides, they're His creatures. I could use some cookie points up there...he smiled. Cookie points, huh?! I need some too!!

Cookie points for good deeds. I pull one of my empty bags out of my backpack and start filling it up with whatever trash I see on our walk...candy wrappers, soda cans...It's my time to shine! I use a clean poopy bag as a glove. I always have extra with me for Pig, he poops every 10 minutes. By the end of our walk my bag is almost full...Lots of cookie points today... :)


  1. I am also very mad of what people left behind them. Collect or not? It is so easy for them if we "good samaritan" we always do that.
    Very beautiful balade, I love this place.

    Laura, here is a blog hop host by my friend Leah. I think you will like it

    1. Yes, it's true...but I don't do it for them, I do it for myself. When you do something good, you feel good. I like to think that I'm helping clean the environment a bit. :)
      That's so sweet, thank you so much!

      Thanks for the link! Paleolithic - ah, love it. So inspiring, I have so many ideas for this theme already! Are you in? :)


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