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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Polymer Roses :)

  I made a few more polymer flowers to list in my Etsy store. Here's a quick preview:

Each and every one of them is unique, hand sculpted, I don't use molds.

After they're cured, I apply the paint, layer by layer...remove, repeat...it takes hours...

...but the perfect colors and shades are reached and in the end, it's all worthed.

I love them.

My favourite pair...they look like salvaged porcelain flowers, with ripped off edges...I think I'm going to keep these for myself.

I'm thinking $15 each pair...I don't know if anyone is willing to pay that...I can't sell them cheap, they take so much time and work. I'll wait for a week, and if they don't sell I'll turn them into earrings. Earrings always sell. These two pairs sold so fast!

See you soon!

Love, Laura xo

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yumi Rustic Art Beads Soup Recipe!

 I have been preparing a rustic bead soup for my friend Solange from YeeLen Spirit Designs and it's finally ready! My ingredients:

 ~ Rustic polymer art beads ~ Every bead is one of a kind, I rarely make them in pairs because I love experimenting.

~ Metal findings ~ A pair of metal elements from a vintage Native American belt, a vintage kuchi pendant, a set of fancy ear wires, hammered copper components, rhinestone spacers, religious art findings.

~ Yellow african glass beads, coral bead, two artisan ceramic beads from N. Carolina, that I've painted with alcohol inks.

~ More African glass beads, two small green trade beads, purple beans (!!), Lapis lazuli, long wooden  organic beads, african terracotta beads, vintage white and blue flowers ceramic beads, bone beads and some tribal bead caps. 

That's the whole yumi bead soup, I really hope she'll like it. Bad pictures taken with my not-so-smart phone because I lost my usb memory card reader and now I have to order another one. Can't transfer the pictures from my camera to my desktop without the darn thing.

I was so excited about your comments on my previous posts, thank you, I really appreciate each and every one of them!

Me, reading your lovely comments:-)

Terri, from Shantychicbeads, asked: "  Where do you get those fab rusty findings do tell (or don't if you must keep a secret)! and what are those coral earrings? Are they poly clay?"

 I made the roses from poly clay, dirt from my garden and Mod Podge. 

The white beads are made of some sort of seeds, vintage bead caps, tiny Moonstones....They sold already.

I get most of my supplies from my "Antique Lady". Her name is Zelda, she's in her 80's and has been collecting antiques and vintage stuff all her life. She's has sooo many pretty things!

I'm going to write more about them pretty things next time, this blog post is getting too long.

To be continued!

Love, Laura xo

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