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Faux Ancient Beads Technique

Hi guys!!! :) I have sooo much stuff to show you and so little time, so just a quick post today before I go back to cooking and dusting and cleaning and all that fun that needs to be taken care of once in a while...Ah, my house is such a mess! An organised mess though. I know exactly where to find my supplies, my wires, it's very easy...

...they're everywhere! After every cleaning and re-organising my place, I feel lost! Everything disappears! Maybe I should start making a list, like an inventory of every item to remember where I put my stuff after cleaning.

But as always, jewelry first ~ yay!! If I don't prioritize I won't get anything done at all. The guys above are vintage glass beads soldered on oxidised copper wire. Berry clusters, yum!

Second pair, African terracotta beads and Carnelian. Love the swirls on the African beads, but still, they looked kinda simple for me, so I painted them with acrylics! Aren't they super pretty now? :)

 The third pair, crystals …

Head Pins Adventure ~ Part Two!

Hi guys!! :) My head pins have been a success so far, I am so excited!! I am very grateful for all your lovely comments & hearts on Instagram , here, on G+, my super awesome family, they truly mean a lot, especially since this is my first time making head pins. Thank you!!!
  Iridescent glass beads caged in thin, rusty Copper wires + Tibetan Silver caps + solder blobs + more Copper wire + tons of oxidizing = MAGIC! I want more of these! One more picture just because they're sooo cute!!!

...Okay, moving on!

These have already sold to a very lovely Lady, along with two other sets! I'm really excited but now I'm nervous too because what if she doesn't like them when she sees them in person? What if she saw the pictures and imagined them...different?

I'm such a dummy when it comes to online business stuff. All these Online...bla bla for Dummies books have been written for me, it just says for Dummies instead of dummy so I won't feel bad.

" Sure, there are …

Did Someone Say...Headpins??

Hi guys! :) Guess who started making headpins all of the sudden?? That's right, moah. How come? Well, last week, AJE hosted this awesome Headpins Challenge Inspiration and it was, indeed, very inspiring seeing all the beautiful creations the participants came up with. So much creativity! So much good stuff! Did I get to participate? Nope, I got busy fighting a flu virus I got from who-knows-where. I'm just lucky like that sometimes. But now I'm back in full force!

Check it out, I made all these guys:

A bead fiesta with messy wire wraps, solder blobs and looots of rust/oxidation! Really, what more can you ask for?? Happy dance!!!!

First set with ruby red glass ~ love the way these beads capture the light! I didn't edit the photos at all, that's what these beads really look like in natural light, hot red awesomeness.

Second pair with fancy Czech glass fire polished beads and solder spheres.

Third pair, these are made of tiny crab claws, wire wrapped and…