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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Across the Universe

Ancient maps written on the sky
Faraway lands had been bridged together

A mysterious order
A Universe marvelously arranged

The symphony of the Cosmos
The orchestra of the planets
On the timeline of Eternity

 The pure Self
 Part earth and sea, wind and fire
 Whispering the syllable of life

 Infinite and connected 
All at the same time.

These amazing images are from NASA. How lucky we are to be able to see such beauty! So inspiring! Poem and earrings by yours truly.

See you soon!

Laura xoxo

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Artist feature: Solange Collin from YeeLeN SpiRiT DeSiGnS

 Last month, my talented friend Solange from YeeLeN SpiRiT DeSiGnS hosted this awesome giveaway and guess what: I won! :) First time when I had actually won a giveaway, imagine my surprise and excitement. Look at this little treasure she sent, all these beautiful colors and textures make me so happy. And those African beads look ancient, love them! These are no ordinary beads, I feel like I have to use them for something meaningful to do them justice.

And this was not just any ordinary giveaway, it was hosted by one of my favourite artists - I've been following her work on InstagramPinterestEtsyher blog...Solange, I've been stalking you everywhere, now you know. :)) No, she didn't ask me to blog about it or anything like that, but I wanted to because...just look at her work! See what I'm talking about? Every single piece is special.

Aren't they pretty? Love the colors and the variety of elements, beautiful!!
Love this unusual pair, rough but delicate in the same time...

Look at this piece! She made the focal from polymer clay and handpainted it, pure awesomeness.

  Check out the rest of her work HERE , you'll love it. She's working on her new Spring\Summer collection and so far it looks amazing! 

   Stay inspired! xoxo

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