Did Someone Say...Headpins??

Hi guys! :) Guess who started making headpins all of the sudden?? That's right, moah. How come? Well, last week, AJE hosted this awesome Headpins Challenge Inspiration and it was, indeed, very inspiring seeing all the beautiful creations the participants came up with. So much creativity! So much good stuff! Did I get to participate? Nope, I got busy fighting a flu virus I got from who-knows-where. I'm just lucky like that sometimes. But now I'm back in full force!

Check it out, I made all these guys:

A bead fiesta with messy wire wraps, solder blobs and looots of rust/oxidation! Really, what more can you ask for?? Happy dance!!!!

First set with ruby red glass ~ love the way these beads capture the light! I didn't edit the photos at all, that's what these beads really look like in natural light, hot red awesomeness.

Second pair with fancy Czech glass fire polished beads and solder spheres.

Third pair, these are made of tiny crab claws, wire wrapped and soldered...don't they look awesome? I have found them in Everglades, we went hiking there one day and these tiny claws were everywhere, so I picked up a few...I'm always picking up shells, rocks, seeds, claws, you name it. I'm sure they're naturally shed since they were so many of them there.

 I'm trying to use jewelry components that are guilt /cruelty free, recycled, just like the rest of the products that I use. Only recycled leather and no fur, unless Kitty decides to pose for my background. :)  I love animals.

Look at that little furry face and those pretty green eyes! Isn't she cute? Mommy's little princess.

I love this one. A tiny coral found on the beach and Abalone bits from an old earring. Crazy flash sparkles, yes please.

Fourth set, salvaged coral daggers from on old necklace, messy wire wrap, solder and lots of oxidizing, but of course. Hot peppers, yum! No new coral beads, you already know why.

Fifth set, and that's where I stop today. Trying to keep these posts short, I know you guys are busy and have lots of stuff to do. These beads are so adorable. And they're plastic!! The copper wires are short, I was thinking small earrings and oh, look at this dress! What do you think? Me likey!

See you soon!!

I was reading this story today, awww...dogs are awesome!!!


  1. Wow, all these beautiful headpins you made! And the tiny crab claws and coral are to die for. Well, I love all of them of course and want them ! Lol
    Bravo, you did a fantastic work!

    1. Thank you so much my dear, I really appreciate it!! Looove your headpins too, I wish we lived closer to each other, we could exchange so much stuff!! I was thinking about listing some on Etsy, but I have no idea how to price them ~ my eternal dilemma! :)) They took so many hours to make, I have to learn to make them faster! xo

  2. Wow, Laura, it's interesting how you find so many of your own materials including the little crab claws. I love the ruby red glass. Your cat is beautiful too. :)

    1. Hi Susan!! :) I looove working with my own materials, they tell stories from my travels. I remember where I found them, what I was doing in that moment...they're like bookmarks in time for me. :)) Thank you so much!! xo


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