Polymer Roses :)

  I made a few more polymer flowers to list in my Etsy store. Here's a quick preview:

Each and every one of them is unique, hand sculpted, I don't use molds.

After they're cured, I apply the paint, layer by layer...remove, repeat...it takes hours...

...but the perfect colors and shades are reached and in the end, it's all worthed.

I love them.

My favourite pair...they look like salvaged porcelain flowers, with ripped off edges...I think I'm going to keep these for myself.

I'm thinking $15 each pair...I don't know if anyone is willing to pay that...I can't sell them cheap, they take so much time and work. I'll wait for a week, and if they don't sell I'll turn them into earrings. Earrings always sell. These two pairs sold so fast!

See you soon!

Love, Laura xo


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you like them Susan, thank you! :)

  2. These are gorgeous, the colors make them look so fresh! The earrings on the left - wow, love them!


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